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Join the elven worshipper yahoo group?

{Please join, and spread the word, it's lonely being
the one and only member!}

Join us in the glory of worshipping the Master of Rivendell, the High King
of Noldor and the Lord of Lorien. Figwit & Legolas & LOTR worshipping
welcomed as well! Artwork, Fan Fiction, Picture Manipulations,
Wallpaper, and Discussions ----- encouraged and well received!

Join Elven Magic webring?

A webring in tribute to the Master of Rivendell,(Elrond), the High King
of Noldor, (Gil-Galad) and the Lord of Lorien (Celeborn). Special
webpages with Lord of the Rings content (Fan Fiction, Artwork,
Photo Manipulations, Wallpapers) will also be considered